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Divorce Is No Longer A Dirty Word


It used to be that getting a divorce was a social "failure".  However, the simple fact is that there are now more children in divorced or separated homes than there are children in "intact" family units.  They very defintion of a "Family" is now a dynamic and evolving concept in Maine and throughout the country.

While you may feel stigmatized by getting divorced or splitting up a domestic partnership, it does not have to define your life going forward.  You really do have a choice.  Studies make it abundantly clear that the separation of parents is NOT what harms children, CONFLICT is what does the most damage.

Kids First Center is one of the great resources available in Portland, South Portand and all throughout Maine.  Kids First devotes its time and efforts to reducing the conflict that surround children during emotional times.  Chris Leddy is a facilitator with the organization and spends many hours teaching classes such as "The First Step" and "ICOPE"

A recent Facebook Live segment, hosted by Todd Gutner of New Center Maine, highlights the important work this organization does through all of Maine.  Please watch and share the full video below to help reach familes that might benefit from their services.

Facebook Live Kids First Video

Many times the attitude you bring to a dispute will decide the outcome, and that means emotion is the driving force.  Fear is a powerful engine, but a terrible navigator. 

Call Chris or John today to see how they can help you reduce conflict and attempt to smooth the already challenging road ahead for your children.

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