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A criminal conviction can pose very serious and long-term consequences including heavy fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges, and having to explain your conviction to future employers. From arraignment to negotiations with the district attorney’s office to trial, our legal team has the necessary experience and knowledge to protect your interests and help get the best possible resolution to the charges.

OUI & Criminal Team

Attorney Raftice has spent many years defending clients facing OUI and criminal charges.  Although his practice has now expanded into other areas of law, he remains a valuable resource to the rest of the OUI and criminal team.

Prior to joining Ainsworth, Thelin & Raftice (ATR) in 2010, Attorney Leddy worked for the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office.  Since joining ATR, Chris has defended hundreds of clients in OUI and criminal matters.  As a former prosecutor and current instructor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, he has the experience and knowledge to fairly assess the factual basis for the State’s case.  He has spent a great deal of time in actual litigation.  He says, “Having been a prosecutor and having that particular angle of expertise is unique to defense counsel.  I have conducted hundreds of hearings and I understand how prosecutors approach particular cases.  This perspective allows me to develop legal strategies that are best suited to favorably resolve cases for my clients. There really is no substitute for courtroom experience when it comes to a fair assessment of issues, evidence, and outcomes.”

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