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Added to the fact that John Turcotte has practiced in family law for more than 20 years, his practice is diverse which allows him the benefit of his experiences in real estate and business law to be used in his family law matters.  He has done the whole spectrum from Pre-Marital Agreements, Divorce with and without those agreements, to Post-divorce and the Guardianship of minors.

As a re-married father of two, Chris has experienced divorce himself and understands how stressful that process can be.  He says, “In several ways, the stress from divorcing can be incredible and exhausting.  Especially when there are children involved, it is very hard to clearly think through decisions that will guide the future of the entire family unit when you are so compromised.  It is also very frightening to face a drastically different financial reality as one larger income often becomes two smaller ones.”  Most often Chris finds that by listening to his clients he can assist them in making important choices in as logical a fashion as possible. “My own experiences as a parent and step-parent have changed the way I approach family law and I believe that my clients benefit from that.” 

 Attorney Leddy has been a Guardian Ad Litem since 2004 and that extra training in parenting, child development, and effective communication within a family can provide unique insight into how best to approach a litigated family matter. All parties to a family case can get lost in a period of shortened focus, where long-term goals can be forgotten and abandoned to ‘winning’.  This only serves to increase costs in litigation and rarely serves a valid interest with respect to a family unit.   “I like to think I deliver a holistic approach to family law, where compassionate goals can be expressed so that parties are more likely to find common ground.  That being said, I am very capable if litigation is the only path that presents itself,” Chris says.

“Outcomes in the realm of legal services can be difficult to define.  The original question or issue posed by a client’s particular situation can change over the course of time as elements of the legal process play out.  It is important to foster a sense of partnership with a client, to actively listen to them when they speak to you and to ask the tough questions. What sets Ainsworth, Thelin & Raftice apart is the ability to deliver the personal service people deserve in a comfortable and efficient setting while having the legal experience to handle various legal matters with expertise.  Integrity is the guiding principle at our firm,” Attorney Leddy summarizes.  (see Chris video) 

We are prepared to help our clients and their families navigate the court system, and can recommend support services that may assist in coping with the emotional impact of divorce.

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