Attorney Gamache poses at the 2023 Sugarloaf Charity Summit!

Fund Raising Success!

Attorney Gamache returns to the Sugarloaf Charity Summit with excellent results!

Attorney Gamache was the lead individual fundraiser for the second consecutive year at the annual Sugarloaf Charity Summit! While helping the Sugarloaf community reach its goal of 2 million feet Attorney Gamache almost raised $15,000 thanks to many generous donations! Thanks to them, Jerome’s efforts will help provide funding to the Maine Cancer Foundation, the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center, and the Dempsey Center. Ainsworth, Thelin, and Raftice has also proudly joined in on the charity as a corporate sponsor for the Charity Summit this year, once again. We would like to extend warm regards and well wishes to everyone who put forth their time and contributions to this year’s Sugarloaf Charity Summit! It raised a record $400,000 total this year.


Donations for these centers are always being accepted if you would like to support them you can do so on Jerome’s Maine Cancer Donor drive page here: Jerome's Maine Caner Donor Drive


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