Keys to a Successful Marijuana Business: ATR Law & Nucleus-One Consulting


With the new recreational marijuana laws comes new business opportunity.  Like any regulated business, entrepreneurs will face many regulatory hurdles. These issues include criminal background checks, licensing, police oversight, advertising and much more.  Here, at Ainsworth, Thelin and Raftice, we can help with all aspects of business formation, compliance, and analysis of the laws, but that is just step one.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of iconic brands?  Coke, Amazon and Microsoft are all examples of companies that have built a successful brand.  There is a short window of opportunity to get out ahead of the pack in Maine.  So, while our office can help with all the legal logistics, including regulatory compliance, we will not create a logo, develop operating procedures or help run QuickBooks.

While I can tell entrepreneurs that they cannot use "people, animals or fruits" (not a joke) on their labels, my graphic design skills leave something to be desired.  This is where Nucleus-One comes in.

I was fortunate to be able to meet with the owner of Nucleus-One, Jacques Santucci, and Nucleus-One’s Director, Connor Yost.  Nucleus-One has assisted to launch marijuana businesses all over the United States.  They help with strategy, branding, accounting and much more.  Getting into the marijuana field is a capital-intensive endeavor, and this requires that you make your brand standout.   Whether you wish to open a retail store, grow and distribute, or are still unsure which direction to go, Nucleus-One can provide your business the direction it needs.

Many Mainer’s are already speaking with lawyers to set up companies and to position themselves for application day.  Not as many, however, are focusing on issues that will become important factors for future success. 

Ainsworth, Thelin and Raftice can help form your business and keep you compliant; Nucleus-One can help you with absolutely everything else. 

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